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Can't We Redistribute Tax Funding?

A very alarming statistic was released by WSB TV today. It costs $90,000 per year to house a juvenile offender in jail and juvenile crime rates in Fulton County are 15-times higher than the national average. The majority of crimes committed in the county are committed by approximately 100 of the same juvenile offenders over and over again. So question: wouldn't this money be better utilized by paying for tutors, transportation, job-skills training and building savings for these youth? Countless research has found that there is a direct correlation between crime and educational levels. So can't more funding be distributed to students and parents to continue their education? Is this possible or is there too much monetary gain from the initial $90,000 investment if these youth continue to commit crime as adult offenders?

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There is a direct correlation between crime and an education level. The highest rate of offenders have suspension issues or are below grade in learning.

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