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LIFERS Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that operates with its mission in mind: To reduce recidivism and improve lifestyle outcomes through exposure, education, empowerment and support.


The creation of the LIFERS Inc. programming and curriculum began when its founder, Tiffany Kirk, began her career as an Elementary Teacher then prison service provider.  "Seeing so many students  and inmates that I wanted to pour so much into, but didn't have the green light to do so,  planted the desire in me to create this program".  

LIFERS Inc. provides programming for at-risk and at-promise teens and adults who have entered the criminal justice system or are being released. LIFERS focuses on reducing recidivism and improving success outcomes. The three primary objectives of the program is to reduce recidivism, increase graduation or GED completion and increase pathways to careers, trades, entrepreneurship and employment.  This is done through content and activities centered on six core concepts:

Lifestyle & Leadership

Incarceration Education

Financial Education & Empowerment

Education, Employment & Entrepreneurship



LIFERS Inc. is currently offered in the Atlanta Metro Area, but is available in other markets.

Contact us through email or by phone with requests.

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